Connor Ledwidge

Crafting Realities,
Pixel by Pixel

Since commencing my career in 2014, I have developed a reputation as a dependable 3D Artist. Initially, I began my journey as a contractor with the U.S. Army, consistently delivering and developing methods for real-time simulation and rendering techniques.

Recognizing the need to broaden my expertise beyond artistic proficiency, I expanded into coding solutions for pipelines and software development. Throughout my career, I observed recurring themes in various companies—misguided advice, bureaucratic obstacles, outdated perspectives, and leadership fixated on desires rather than necessities. This pattern often led to rectifying subpar work, navigating through ego-driven environments, or encountering project failures. Contemplating these challenges, I envisioned a solution: Lead Witch Studios, a simple studio aimed at leveraging both technical and leadership skills to bridge gaps and facilitate project success.

In the past eight years of steering Lead Witch Studios, I have collaborated with diverse clients, including the Department of Defense, Automotive OEMs, Video Game Studios, and Ad Agencies. Whether leading large teams exceeding 100 members or working independently, my dedication has always been to serve as a reliable team member and leader, committed to our client's success. From burning the midnight oil to meet deadlines, to engaging in candid discussions with clients to offer tailored solutions, I prioritize professionalism and respect. I strive to earn these through delivering results and collaborating effectively at every level, no matter the project.

At Lead Witch Studios, our ethos revolves around Dependability, Professionalism, and Innovation, guiding our approach to every project we undertake.